What does gs mean in shoes

What Does GS Mean In Shoes?

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The shoe world is full of surprises, so no wonder that it is a minefield when it comes to working out all of the abbreviations. All of the markings related to shoes tend to lose people’s interests, and they end up going pretty unnoticed by a lot of consumers.

But, here we are going to focus on one shoe marking in particular: and that is GS. These new terms can leave you feeling clueless, but do not worry. We are here to help you to navigate the cryptic terms that are part of the sneaker world.

So, to answer the question: what does GS mean in shoes? Well, in all honesty it does not really take that long to sum up what this means. GS just stands for Grade School. This is simply a measurement of the sneaker’s shoe size in relation to the average child’s shoe size.

So if you or a child that you know are in the market for a brand new pair of shoes then you should really take the time just to figure out the correct size of sneakers.

Just to break this down even more, a general rule for GS is that it is just another way of describing a small shoe size. Just to get a bit more specific, GS is the largest size for children’s shoes. This is larger than TD, which stands for toddler, and also PS which stands for preschool.

Here’s the thing, sneakers actually have a lot more room for children to grow into, especially in comparison to other shoes which can be restrictive or uncomfortable for children and their growing feet.

This is kind of an unspecified way of telling you what kind of shoe is the best fit for your child, but at least it gives you a rough idea of what shoe you should go for. After all, we have all been there when it comes to that one pair of shoes that rubs your toes and gives you blisters.

There is no better feeling than slipping on your comfiest sneakers – after all, the longer that you own a pair of sneakers, the more comfortable they get.

Although, when it comes to your child and their growing feet, it is important to make sure that you find the right balance between getting your child some decent sneakers, but not investing too much money into them as their feet will still be growing.

Your child is just going to want some comfortable shoes to run around in, that are not going to be uncomfortable or rub them.

If you are finding it difficult to work out what size shoes your child needs, then you should take them to a shoe store and ask for the help of a retail assistant. In a shoe store, they will be trained and have the equipment to be able to measure your child’s feet. This will make sure that your child has shoes that fit them perfectly, and that they are completely comfortable.

They will also be able to advise you on the kinds of shoes that will be best suited for your child – they will make sure that your child has comfortable and well-fitting shoes that suit not just the size of their feet, but the shape of their feet too.

If your child has a high-arching instep then trainers with more of a platform will be best suited to them, whereas children with flat feet will be most comfortable in trainers that have a flat sole.

Another important aspect to think about before purchasing your child’s sneakers is how they plan on wearing them. If your child just plans to wear these sneakers casually to walk around the local park then you could opt for a softer material style of trainers.

Alternatively, if your child will be wearing these sneakers to play in then you should opt for a more durable material. This will ensure that your child can get plenty of wear out of their sneakers, and that they will serve them well in the playground – or if they want to partake in some sports in school.

The bottom line is that when it comes to buying shoes – different styles will fit your child’s feet in different ways. Smarter shoes might be a lot tighter because there is not as much give in the material compared to the kind of materials that sneakers are made from.

Here’s one key part of information that we have left out… if you happen to be a petite adult, or if you have small feet then you will be able to wear GS shoes too.

The price difference in GS sneakers opposed to adult sneakers does differ pretty drastically, and if you can get a pair of sneakers you like for a discounted price then we are not going to judge you for it. Well, we suggested it so if anything this would be taking on our pretty great advice. You are welcome!

We would not blame you if you can get away with purchasing a pair of GS shoes. You could get away with wearing designer sneakers for a much more reasonable price, but, if this is something that you are considering doing then you need to make sure that you have measured your feet correctly before trying to purchase GS shoes.

At the end of this all, you do not want to end up wasting money on GS shoes that do not actually fit your feet.

Overall, the shoe terms and abbreviations are not all that bad. Once you get used to working out what they mean – well – once you have realised there is more to finding the perfect fitting shoe than you realize, then it all becomes relatively easy to cipher between all of the abbreviations.

And like we said before, ifr you are struggling with picking the perfect shoes for you or for a child then you should consult a sales associate at your local shoe store.

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