What Are Sanuk Made Of? [Materials, Comfort & Durability]

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Sanuk is a famous footwear brand that has gained a reputation for its unique design and comfortable feel. Sanuk shoes are popular among many people, including athletes and sports enthusiasts, everyday wear, fashion-forward individuals, etc.

Sanuk brand is now available in many different handcrafted footwear designs. All of these styles made by Sanuk are very unique and stylish. They can be worn during any activities, from everyday wear to sporting events. However, there’s also a question about the materials that Sanuk shoes are made out of, especially for individuals who have sensitive feet or want to avoid certain materials on their bodies.

Sanuk Made Of Materials

Modern Sanuk footwear is made entirely of (100%) cotton canvas. Some models have additional leather and/or rubber soles, which are also 100% leather or synthetic rubber. The flip-flops feature traditional rope thongs, though many styles now include jute, hemp, or even recycled plastic materials to replace the rope.

What is behind the popularity of Sanuk Shoes?

Building on the popularity of their Ethletic line, Sanuk introduced a flip-flop style shoe in 2001, and they’ve been extremely popular ever since. Many people who try on a pair of Sanuks for the first time immediately want to know why this particular shoe brand feels so different. And there’s more than one reason for that.

Sanuks feature unique materials as well as innovative construction methods. The canvas upper provides excellent durability combined with lightweight and breathability. A patented internal “arch contour” adds firm support without sacrificing comfort or flexibility — an especially important consideration for anyone with foot pain from flat feet or fallen arches. [NOTE: “arch contour” is the fancy Sanuk term for “raised heel”.]

This added support might be exactly what you need to eliminate foot pain from flat feet, fallen arches, and other ailments. And the lightweight, breathable nature of canvas shoes makes them a perfect fit for summer wear or any time you need to add extra comfort but also want to keep your feet cool. Best of all, Sanuks are one of the only brands that offer sizes up to 16 — they’re even appropriate for men with EEE widths! So if it’s arch support you need, look no further than Sanuks.

Sanuks Feature Unique Construction Methods The construction methods used in making Sanuk shoes also contribute to their incredible amount of support. In fact, the process used to make Sanuks is unique in the footwear industry – but incredibly effective at providing arch support for feet. Every pair of canvas shoes starts off with a very sturdy rubber outer sole and two layers of footbeds that are made from either recycled water bottles or biodegradable materials.

These footbeds fit over the top of an inner layer known as EVA foam, which provides additional cushioning and insulates you from hot surfaces like concrete or asphalt. The three layers are then stitched together using an exclusive stitch method that’s been developed by Sanuk’s team of shoe designers over several years of trial-and-error testing to find the sturdiest combination possible while also ensuring comfort.

After the first three layers are stitched together, they’re placed onto what’s referred to as a “last,” which is essentially a shoe mold that gives the sneaker its specific shape. The lasts are developed by Sanuk on an ongoing basis and have been designed in such a way so that when you purchase any pair of Sanuk shoes, you’ll get a similar fit and feel from one style to another.

What distinguishes Sanuk from other brands?

Besides our commitment to innovative design, recyclability, and a “green” philosophy in general, we’re also known for our positive attitude towards people all over the world! We partner with humanitarian organizations and foundations such as DoSomething!, Save the Children Foundation, and Grassroots Soccer to name just a few. With each pair of shoes sold you give back to the world by helping to fund in-kind donations.

Can you wear Sanuks in water?

Contrary to what some people might believe, you CAN wear Sanuk shoes in water and they won’t fall apart!

Sanuk’s patented uppers are made from synthetic materials that DO NOT absorb water. This means that moisture cannot get into the upper material, thus preventing it from staining or smelling bad. So even if your foot is wet with 50% of water, still the inner part of Sanuks shoe will not be wet and you can continue wearing it well until you wash it at home, etc. Just remember — you should not step on slushy/ wet surfaces with Sanuks as they are very thin-soled which isn’t good for heavy snow or ice surfaces. Otherwise, mixability is a blessing we cannot do without.

Wrap Up

Sanuk shoes are made of high-quality materials and designed for comfort, so you can strut your stuff in style. As a result, the company has been able to create an exceptional product with a loyal following across cultures and generations.
If you’re looking for comfortable footwear that looks good too, be sure to check out their website or visit one of their many stores around the world!