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Shoes Like Rothy’s: Top 10 Alternatives

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Today there are a lot of women who would like to enjoy Rothy’s shoes. However, you don’t need to spend so much money on it. Here you can find out about the best Rothy’s alternatives. So you can enjoy an excellent level of comfort in elegant and attractive shoes.

Here you will find our top 10 best cheaper alternatives to Rothy’s flats that are available to buy. We also mention the most important aspects of each shoe model. So, if you want to find the most appropriate shoes for you, you should continue reading.

Rothy’s Alternatives We Recommend

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Knitted Ballet Flat Pointy Toe Flats Shoes Knitted Ballet Flat Pointy Toe Flats ShoesCheck Price On Amazon
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Skechers Reggae Fest Willows Flat Charcoal Knit Skechers Reggae Fest Willows Flat Charcoal KnitCheck Price On Amazon
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Trary Women's Classic Round Toe Slip Shoes Trary Women’s Classic Round Toe Slip ShoesCheck Price On Amazon

Table of Contents

    Top 10 Rothy’s Alternatives:

    Let’s take a look at a detailed review of these wonderful ballet flats compared to the features of Rothy’s.

    01. FEVERSOLE Woven Pointy Fashion Knit Flat Shoes

    For your choice of a Rothy’s alternative shoe to fulfill, Foversole appears first. As I found in my research, this product is prior in pick-list for its three different models⸺loafer knit, pointed knit and ballet knit. Not only that, but each model is also available in several colors.

    You can pick your pair to perfectly match your apparel for a special occasion. Do you like texture? Besides, solid colors, you can find standard patterns of two-color combinations.

    There is no possibility of cracking the sole due to its durable rubber sole. Interestingly, sometimes this sole is better than the original Rothy’s. For this−along with other better features−since 2018, Feversole is doing well as shoes like Rothy’s.

    Breathability is ensured by two unique innovations− Hi-Tech woven way and enhanced mesh at vamp. Apart from this two, the whole fabric is more or less air flowable. This quality is emphasized keeping in mind the day-long-wearing.

    It is worth mentioning again, its upper style. It’s just unparallel−ever than original Rothy’s. Trendy colors, prints, and texture make it exclusive.

    What We Liked:

    • Best balancing of unique feature and price with
    • Fissionability doesn’t reduce durability.
    • Easily cleanable with water and brush.

    What We Didn’t Like

    02. Knitted Pointed Toe Flats

    In my experience during almost 36 hours of research, I found it mainly in two style−fuzzy and mixed colors. AOMAIS−a woman clothing and shoe brand−launched this product recently on May 14, 2020. Since then, its appeal to the user has remained unchanged. Asking why?

    Its fabulous fuzzy color and style−that look good with anybody’s clothing. Whether hanging out, dating, traveling, or official using, Aomais is ubiquitous. Its fuzzy red color attracted the users most because it brings beauty to formal blazers.

    The flexibility of the sole is key to its durability. PVC sole ensures a minimum of two-year usage without any hazard. A durable TPR outsole can resist any rub to the ground. With a thin sole, its durability is uncompromised. I was happy with the same upper and outsole. This color combination and comfort beats the original Rothy’s.

    $3 more invest than Feversole will defray you more for its color and style.

    What We Liked

    • More catchy than the original Rothy’s
    • Customers can send feedback to Aomais
    • Designed for different feet shape

    What We Didn’t Like

    03. Blowfish Malibu Women’s Marley Sneaker

    Blowfish Malibu sneaker is cheaper than Dr. Scholl’s. You can save 25$ dollar without compromising style and quality. Double-stitching seams on the upper separate it easily from other sneakers. The good news is for color choosy people. There are 33 colors till I writing this article.

    All women who wish to complement their informal style can opt for these shoes. Here it is possible to enjoy the same features provided by the original Rothy’s.

    Here it is possible to enjoy an excellent level of comfort at all times. At the same time, it is a model that is very easy and convenient to use throughout the day. You do not need to have annoying laces in this design.

    So, you will not need to spend too much money on these pairs of flats like Rothy’s. The synthetic rubber sole is made of high-quality materials. So you can get an excellent grip on the ground at all times.

    Also, the designs are very varied and can be adapted to the tastes of all women. That is why it will be really easy to find the perfect style for you.

    What We Liked

    • Double-stitching provides a manly look.
    • Lace-free with elegant elastic stripes.
    • Better arch support than other options on this list.
    • Good matching with jeans and shorts.

    What We Didn’t Like

    • The outsole is less soft.

    04. Heawish Ballet Flats Leopard Print Dress Shoes

    I can mention two unique features of this pair of shoes⸺mesh vamp fabric and extremely foldable.

    Along with these two, the PVC sole makes the shoe looks great. It is also available in fuzzy colors.

    Pointed-toe shoes can make your feet look cute. Feet seem slim and long when wearing pointed-toe shoes. It has multiple uses in the US. It is so flexible and foldable that stuck to feet like socks.

    If you are in fine motor skills, the flexible shoe is a must. The hard shoe can make you feel uneasy. The company aims to be unique by design. They believe in something different from others.

    As it is more foldable, you can carry it in a traveling bag to any place. Embroidered on the upper adds good looking.

    Don’t think about the price. It is only 1-2$ dollars more than the others. Apart from this, you can rely on Heawish. Its V-style opening is completely similar to the original Rothy’s.

    What We Liked

    • V-style opening like original Rothy’s
    • As foldable as any others, it is easy to carry
    • The pointed toe makes the feet look better

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Don’t fit better to thick feet

    05. Slocyclub Knit Texture Pointy Toe Flat Shoes

    Its price is $27.99−$32.99 which is more than the next one above the shoe. That is for its extra features and brand value. Slochclub is manufacturing Rothy’s similar shoes for some six years. This exclusive pair is available in the market since 2020. Slocyclub is increasing its demand for quality and durability. Let’s get some exclusive features.

    We spend much time find this, Rothy’s likes V-Shape opening, and pointed toe gives the feel of original Rothy’s. Super pointed toe and flashy print and leopard texture in the best combination. It is the best 2021 gift for females.

    You can wrap it to carry in a bag when you travel. Very soft sole and upper make it foldable. Though the sole is thin it is slip-free. So it is liked by aged women. It is available in four colors. Black pair is best sold among them.

    What We Liked

    • V-style opening like original Rothy’s
    • Ventilating fabric keeps feet sweat-free
    • Slocyclub believes in client satisfaction

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Though it has V-shape at opening but not at heel.

    06. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Madison Sneaker

    It’s women Rothy’s like a sneaker. The different forms above twos. Sneakers can serve different purposes. Advantages are more added if it is like Rothy’s. Thanks to Dr. Scholl, it is available for us.

    Though it cost more than others, you will get a unique combination of all comfy factors. I think you will find the price reasonable−as other customers’ feedback− when going through it every pros and con.

    As you know, the sneaker fits both boot-cut and tapered jeans. Customers choose it for its good look with multiple dress-up and casual occasions. 100% textile and synthetic sole−with a minimum of 20 colors−makes its shape unique.

    I have tested 15 sites to verify their ratings. Surprisingly, it scores more rating in its kind and price. This 50$ shoe meets the whole requirements of daily life. So, I can guarantee, your money will defray.

    Microsuede−a man-made polyester fabric−added more beauty. The collar is designed with more soft material. The Padder collar is built for extra comfort. Supper stretchy twin gore panel remains like-new till the last day use.

    What We Liked

    • True to size though imported
    • Sustainedly manufactured contributing to the environment
    • Lightweight ensures free movement

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Leopard Microfiber color doesn’t feel real

    07. Skechers Women’s Ballet Flat

    Unlike other Rothy’s like shoes (100% synthetic), it is a mix-up of fabric and synthetic. It looks brighter than only fabric. The color is very shiny.

    Extra durability is ensured with support inside the part of the heel. Its heel measures 0.12 inch which resembling others. Rubber sole as usual provides free maneuvering and roaming. The top-notch memory insole is the main catalyst for foot comfort. It can adapt to any foot shape⸺whether flat feet, wide foot or curved feet.

    Among the best options are these excellent flat shoes for ballet. So, these are flat shoes that combine excellent design and other features for excellent comfort. You can count on these shoes like Rothy’s and get the same results as with the original shoes.

    In this case, the design is one of the most recommended for women who want to stand out from the rest.

    The interior has a very flexible and comfortable feeling to wear at all times. At the same time, the breathable interior allows any user to obtain comfortable use and keep their feet dry. Therefore, the upper part has a soft elastic knitted fabric. Here the slip-on closure provides easy and appropriate use for every ballet practice.

    What We Liked

    • Pointed toe beautifies your feet.
    • V- shape like original Rothys presents you feel of Rothy’s.
    • Memory foam is exclusive to it.
    • Comfortable flats

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Only available in texture and print (not one colored).

    08. DREAM PAIRS Pointed Toe Ballet Flats Shoes

    It is pointed-toe ballet shoes. Among two categories⸺round toe shoe and pointed toe⸺, a vast majority of women vote for pointed toe shoe. It adds beauty to appearance. Feet look ship. But you will miss the V-style opening since until now Ollio doesn’t manufacture V-style (V-style is available in Slocyclub).

    In this case, it is another option that can be perfect for women who practice ballet. At the same time, this same design provides all the comfort for women who want to enjoy flat shoes. Here you will be able to enjoy some Rothy’s type shoes without spending so much money.

    At the same time, it is necessary to consider that this alternative brand can also provide the same advantages as the original ones. Here we have incorporated a 0.3-inch heel height and high-quality synthetic suede. That is why the life of these shoes can cover a lot of ballet practices.

    At the same time, the design of these shoes is intended to provide the appearance that there is no heel. Even comfort is acceptable and can compete with the original Rothy’s shoes. Without a doubt, this is an excellent opportunity for many women.

    What We Liked

    • Have uncommon colors like orange, purple, lilac.
    • No complaint about the U.S. size though imported from China.
    • Manmade Materials in expert hands make it flawless.

    What We Didn’t Like

    • V-style opening−which is a mark of original Rothy’s− is not available till writing this article.

    09. Skechers Women’s Cleo-Wham Ballet Flats

    Skechers alternatives to Rothy’s has been dominating shoe markets from 2017 with the same appeal and demand to customers. First telling about it two secrets to this success. One is the best combination of black, white, and grey color, the other is the footbed. Such type of air-cooling memory foam is rare in any other stylish flats.

    Nowadays a lot of women want to get the perfect shoes to practice ballet. However, here it is not necessary to spend so much money since you can get the same advantages as the Rothy’s. Therefore, you will be able to knock off Rothy’s and count on this excellent alternative.

    To do this we should note that the soft knit lining is combined with a tapered tip design that is very easy to use. In turn, you can get the perfect style to be the best dancer of her type. Here the flexible rubber sole provides an excellent result, as well as the padded visco-elastic foam insole.

    Your feet will always be able to enjoy the best support throughout your ballet practice. The woven fabric of the upper offers a fresh and innovative aesthetic appeal. It is certainly a wise decision to opt for these shoes.

    What We Liked

    • Knit fabric to whole upper with striping to the whole opening looks elegant.
    • Air cool memory foam resists shock and saves energy making these comfortable flats.
    • Synthetic sole in foldable.

    What We Didn’t Like

    • V-style opening−which is a mark of original Rothys− is not available till writing this article.

    10. Adeilisa Round Toe Ballet Flats for Women

    Its round toe feature makes it first-pick to the ballet practicing women. Ballet requires many quick maneuverings. As a result, shoes need to be durable. Its durable factors are rubber sole, latex cotton stickers, synthetic.

    If you want to get a high level of comfort you can use these ballet shoes without laces. You do not need to practice ballet to enjoy pleasant shoes for your feet. In this case, it is a comfortable shoe and very easy to use. Here the results are comparable with the original Rothy’s.

    However, here you don’t need to spend so much money as it is an excellent alternative. That’s why you have the possibility of knockoff Rothy’s shoe by choosing this alternative. It is even necessary to mention that the high-quality rubber sole offers an anti-slip effect.

    That’s why it’s one of the best options for outdoor or indoor use. The 0.5-cm heel is combined with high-quality materials. It is one of the most chosen options by a large number of women in these times.

    What We Liked

    • Cushioned foot-bed secures safe landing during the ballet.
    • Round toe gives huge space for toes.
    • Suitable for ballet, jogging, traveling for its standard manufacture.

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Only synthetic make feet sweating.

    11. Trary Women’s Rounded Toe Flats

    Trary is the second-lowest in price in this list. Rothy’s shoes are manufactured in two main categories ⸺round toe shoe and pointed toe shoe. It is made with round-toe shoes. Round toe makes relax room for toes⸺and thanks to this, you can wear it all time at work or market.

    100% synthetic upper looks nice. It is also easy to clean and polish since Trary has no stitching on the upper. The rubber sole is greatly durable and foldable. As I found in my research, customers can use it for more or less two years. The cushioned footbed is the very unique feature of this product.

    As the Trary company care for foot health, they used a quality cushion for shock-absorbing. Your ankle will not get hurt due to any rough step. Besides shock-absorbing, the cushion keeps the footbed soft.

    It is available in four different colors. Trary has informed the customers that they have recently improved the color to meet customers’ demands.

    If you are a student or employee, Trary can be your best choice for its versatility. It perfectly suits with blazer and shorts.

    What We Liked

    • Ubiquitous use for casual and occasion
    • Round toe makes ample room for toe so pain
    • Special cushion to shock resistance and soft foot-bed

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Not air flowing

    Buying Guide for Rothy’s Alternatives

    Story Behind Rothy’s Shoes Success & Popularity

    Brief History

    In 2012 Roth Martin, a creative created this company with an investment banker. Together with Stephen Hawthornthwaite, they have developed flat shoes that are comfortable and elegant for women. In fact, in 2015 the first models came out that were very successful. Even today the success continues to grow and the products are in demand worldwide.

    Rothy's Alternatives - the Rothy's Website

    Rothy’s Shoes Specialty

    In this case, the specialty of this company is flat shoes. These shoes are the most used for women who want to practice ballet. In turn, there are other models without laces off-brand Rothy’s.


    In this case, different types of materials are usually used, starting with synthetic rubber for the sole. Also, many products of this brand are made from recycled materials such as plastic water bottles. After a certain process, these materials melt to form stretched fibers. Suede and cotton are even used for some shoe models.


    Generally, most designs feature a flat shoe that aims to provide a high level of comfort. In many cases, the heel does not exceed the height of 0.3 or 0.5 inches. Also, the shoes do not include laces and are available in solid colors.


    To provide a good level of comfort a certain amount of padding is usually included in the insole of the shoes. Besides, the interior lining is soft to the touch to take care of each part of the feet. That is why many women can use these shoes throughout the day without suffering foot pain.

    Features You Should Check When Buying Rothy’s Alternatives

    Affordable Cost Level

    One of the main advantages of these alternatives in shoes is the accessible cost of each unit. Here we have taken into account the brands that can provide the same advantages as the original shoes. That’s why people who can get Rothy’s knockoffs enjoy great results.

    Comfort Materials

    Generally, similar materials to the original brand’s shoes are used here. Among the most commonly used materials are synthetic rubber, recycled plastic, suede, and cotton. However, the final cost is much more accessible in an alternative brand shoe.

    Stylish Design

    Among the designs available are the classic flat shoes without laces. Women can enjoy the same elegance and comfort as the original shoes. It is also possible to find informal designs in shoes similar to Rothy’s.

    Rothy's Alternatives
    Rothy’s Flats

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    What Are Rothy’s?

    It is a fashion company based in San Francisco and founded in 2012. The first products arrived between 2015 and 2016 and have achieved excellent growth since then.

    What Are The Styles Of Rothy’s Shoes?

    The main style of these units is stylish flat shoes with a very low heel. This is a design widely used in shoes used for ballet. However, people can also get shoes like Rothy’s but cheaper.

    Ataiwee Women's Wide Width Flats Shoes - Black Round Slip on Suede Ballet Dress Shoes.(1910002-5,BK/MF,10.5 W)

    Is Rothy’s Worth It?

    These days a lot of women want to buy Rothy’s brand flat shoes. Of course here the high cost can be a major disadvantage. Therefore, women who do not have this budget can acquire excellent Rothy’s alternatives.

    Why Is Rothy’s So Popular?

    Among the main factors in the popularity of these shoes is the use of recycled plastic water bottles and the design of the shoes. In particular, these shoes are very comfortable and elegant at the same time.

    What shoes are similar to Rothys?

    Some of the shoes that offer a similar style are Feversole, Aomais, Blowfish, HEAWISH, Dr. Scholl’s, Skechers, Slocyclub, and Ollio to name just a few. Easy to walk in because of its lack of heel height and comforting rubber sole makes feels like Rothy’s.

    Do Rothy’s Shoes Have Arch Support?

    These flat shoe models do not include arch support. However, a cushioning material can be included in the insoles to provide some comfort.

    What Is So Special About Rothy’s Shoes?

    Here the most important and special thing about these shoes is the soft feel and easy use at all times. At the same time, a whole process is carried out to recycle plastic water bottles, which are very environmentally friendly.

    Do Rothy’s Give You Blisters?

    For those women who do not have narrow enough feet, blisters may appear. Of course, this is only at the beginning of using these shoes.


    After choosing the best alternative Rothy’s, women will be able to live in a much more comfortable and elegant way at the same time. There is even the perfect design and look of each shoe for each woman. Of course, you don’t need to count on too much money for that.

    Rothy's Alternatives
    Stylish Flats

    Each one of the alternatives we have analyzed allows you to enjoy the best advantages. Whether you want good comfortable flats, or ease of use, and elegant design, these alternatives can provide it. Therefore, you will only have to choose the most appropriate shoes for you and enjoy much more pleasant moments.

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