Oliver Cabell Shoes Review and Buying Guide

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Lets take a look at these luxury shoes in detail in this Oliver Cabell Review and Buying Guide. Moreover, I will answer all your questions about this brand. That said, let’s review Oliver Cabell’s shoes and see if they’re worth your time and money.

Oliver Cabell is a well-known, luxury shoe brand that provides real Italian–made footwear for males and females. Scott Gabrielson, the founder of Oliver Cabell is against unethical fast-fashion practices.

Who’s Oliver Cabell?

Surprisingly, Oliver Cabell isn’t a real person but a combination of characters played by Steve McQueen and Oliver Reed, both infamous rebels of their era.

Scott Gabrielson stumbled upon a new story from the 70s that recounted a heavy night out when Oliver Reed and Steve McQueen talked about a project in London.

However, instead of discussing business, they undertook a marathon pub crawl which didn’t have a very pleasant ending. Thus, the project was never accomplished.

Steve McQueen and Oliver Reed both played Martin Cabell and Oliver Twist. Scott was inspired by their life force and named his brand after both characters.

Where’s Oliver Cabell Footwear Made?

Scott Gabrielson and his team invested many resources into scouting tanneries.

They’ve researched over 70 tanneries before finally choosing a family-owned business from whom they would get the leathers. The company’s tannery has been in operation since 1954. Meaning, it’s popular in the industry with high demand by other luxury brands for their full-grain leathers.

They’ve also been awarded different international awards because they meet all the environmental and ethical standards. Furthermore, the tannery supports family businesses by offering completely traceable hides to their clients. Oliver Cabel has headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Now, let’s learn more about the Oliver Cabell shoe factory and where it operates.

Oliver Cabell Shoes Website

Where’s The Oliver Cabell Shoe Factory?

The process of picking the factory was just as hard as picking the tannery. The founder of the brand and his team talked to over 40 different footwear factories around Europe.

However, they didn’t share the same values as Scott. Accidentally, he met Diego, a production manager for many other high-end brands. Diego offered to help him and put him in touch with a couple of factory owners and that’s how Scott eventually got in touch with a small independent factory.

The factory was situated in Italy’s Marche region. The owner’s family had their business for generations and specialized in leather products and footwear for smaller high-end brands. The owner of the factory, Pedro, and Scott worked very closely together to ensure Scott’s designs were perfectly made.

The shoes were made by hand. Therefore, each pair can take multiple days to complete. Scott wanted to combine modern footwear technology with traditional craftsmanship, as well, so he started working with Margom on the outsoles. Margom is a quite popular sole manufacturer founded in 1952.

Margom has a Shore 70A rubber durometer, a comfortable and durable outsole that’s also abrasion and splitting resistant. At the start, Margom was hesitant about working with this well-known brand because of the smaller volume. However, they finally established a partnership and flourished together.

Now, let’s take a close look at some of Oliver Cabell’s most popular models. The following reviews cover their Low 1 sneaker, driving shoes, leather boots, and 3D-printed recycled sneakers.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Sneaker Review

Low 1 sneaker is one of Oliver Cabell’s most popular sneakers because it’s hand-made and affordable, so if you’re looking for a high-quality, leather sneaker, look no further than Low 1.

This model is a well-known creation among shoe enthusiasts. Made in the company’s Italian factory with high-quality and carefully-sourced materials, this model has full-grain calfskin leather uppers as well as a full Margom sole. I also appreciate the white finish with the discrete branding on the heel.

The Margom touch with a Shore 70A rubber durometer rating adds to the unique style of this shoe. The full-grain leather along with the sole provides a stable and robust shoe. Furthermore, a spacious toe box is what this model is popular for. Despite the slim profile, it’s still a spacious model of sneakers.

But here’s the real kicker. The insole consists of a blend of recycled rubber and foam. And thanks to the open-cell technology, they provide 95% breathability. They’re also durable. And they will compress less than 5% even with regular use. Lastly, I want to mention the piece of the suede on the hill.

This final touch reduces chafing and enables comfortable sockless wear. However, I would highly suggest that you wear no-show socks for extra comfort, especially during spring and summer.

Oliver Cabell Shoes Website

Is Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneaker worth it?

Although $180 isn’t a low price for a pair of sneakers, it’s very important to note how and where they’re made. If you opt for the Oliver Cobell’s Low 1 sneakers, you will get Italian sneakers created of premium-quality materials. They provide great value for money, therefore, they’re worth it!

Last but not least, you would be supporting a business that’s trying to contribute to a more durable and ethical fashion industry. Keep in mind that similar designer brands provide products at similar prices. But they don’t pay as much attention to the production process as Oliver Cabell’s brand.

Oliver Cabell Driving Shoes Review

If you’re searching for driving shoes that look and feel amazing. The upper, made of suede leather, comes from Marche, Italy. What I like most about these shoes is their rubber outsole.

They also have a microfoam footbed and Italian calfskin leather lining for extra comfort. This model feels and looks sturdy. The best part? They also hold their shape well. Therefore, if you’re looking for a lovely-crafted model of drivers, look no further than Oliver Cabell’s model made in Portugal.

They have 3oz Italian suede leather lined with supple Italian calfskin leather. People prefer driving shoes by this brand because of their unique pebble outsole which consists of small rubber nubs that go around the ankle. They’re functional, modern, and super practical for when behind the wheel.

The best part? They’re super stylish and available in different colors, so you can easily find your favorite color. As for comfort, they’re extremely comfortable thanks to the Amelflex microfoam and unlike many other driving shoes on the market that feel like slippers, they provide excellent stability.

The foam offers a cushion that provides comfort when both driving and standing while the calfskin lining ensures comfort and flexibility whether you wear them with socks or without them. What I like the most about these shoes is the interior that’s covered by the same leather for a luxurious look.

Oliver Cabell Driving Shoes

Is Oliver Cabell’s driving shoe worth it?

You can easily find low-quality and budget-friendly driving shoes out there. However, keep in mind that they won’t last as much as Oliver Cabell’s driving shoes.

They won’t provide the same experience behind the wheel as well. Oliver Cabell’s driving shoes provide a superb experience at a great price. They’re not the cheapest driving shoes out there, however, they’re not the most expensive ones either. And they’re definitely worth it.

I am very satisfied with their driving shoes because they’ve had my back for a lot of miles. Furthermore, they’re versatile, so you can wear them almost anywhere.

Oliver Cabell Leather Boots Review

I would also like to mention Oliver Cabell’s leather boots because they’re considered as one of the best-looking boots on the market. Made in Albacete, Spain, they have a custom-made German steel shank as well as Italian vegetable-tanned leather lining.

The midsoles also consist of rubber soles for extra traction and Spanish vegetable-tanned leather. Their Sb2 and Mock models, however, include white Vibram Morflex soles. Most of their leather boots feature vegetable-tanned and water-resistant pull-up leather.

This leather is sourced from a local tannery in the Albacete region. However, you can also find full-grain and waterproof waxed leather sourced from England in some models. Lastly, these leather boots feature distinctive hand-finished stitching.

3D-Printed Recycled Sneakers Review

Last but certainly not least, I want to mention Oliver Cabell’s 3D-printed recycled sneakers. The Phoenix model tackles two main problems with a single innovative strike.

They’re 3D-printed from recycled water bottles in Guangzhou, China. As you can notice, Oliver Cabell’s team is open to exploring new solutions and putting modern technology to good use when it comes to footwear, so if you’re looking for a green brand, look no further than Oliver Cabell.

Each pair of sneakers requires 7 bottles. They also feature EVA soles. Moreover, they’re affordable, very lightweight, and machine-washable, so you can easily clean them.

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Final Thoughts – Oliver Cabell Shoes Review and Buying Guide

Oliver Cabell is a great choice for anyone who prefers high-quality sneakers and shoes and doesn’t mind paying a higher price for shoes that will last for years.

The brand utilizes premium-quality materials such as Italian full-grain calfskin leather. But here’s the real kicker. They keep all their leather boots and sneakers under $250.

And not every brand has been able to deliver such high-quality products at such a low price. I hope you have found my Oliver Cabell Shoes review and buying guide helpful.

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