how to stretch crocs

Do Crocs Stretch? 3 Great Methods To Make Crocs Bigger

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When you buy a pair of crocs (or off brand alternatives) and notice that they are a bit tight on your feet, you are undoubtedly going to have a bad experience. And everyone can face this bad experience − maybe in the case of your little boy, girl, husband or wife. This can often be an issue if you have wide feet.

Then you keep looking everywhere online and offline how to stretch these crocs a little, how to loosen the classic clogs a little so that they fit perfectly with your feet. And finally, you hit that real place of comfort for your feet.

Here we will discuss in detail how to make your tight crocs or other shoes similar to crocs that a little bit easier to put on and loose. So let’s dive into the discussion without further ado.

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Step by Step Methods to Stretch and Make Your Crocs Bigger

Here our the top 3 methods make your crocs stretch for a looser fit. Let’s find out the best ways to stretch crocs.

Method 01. Heating with Hairdryer

Step 01:

Get a good-quality hair dryer and hit it as high as it’ll go. You can wrap a towel around it so that heat is evenly distributed in the shoe when you apply heat to the shoe. Apply this dryer to the inside of the shoe for 3 minutes. And constantly check the condition of the materials.

Step 02:

The second step is to stop heating the shoes while they are warm and flexible. And immediately put on thick socks and put on a pair of shoes. Wear them like this and walk around for 5-10 minutes. This will stretch your crocs a bit.

Step 03:

Then take off your socks and try them on. If you still feel tight, repeat the previous procedures. This means heat for 3 minutes again and then wear it with thick socks and stroll around.

Hopefully, by following these procedures you will get very good results and you will be able to loosen your crocs shoes at least a little bit.

Method 02. Dipped in Hot Water (Freshly Boiled Clogs!)

Step 01:

Heat and put boiling water into a pot or bowl big enough to fit your new crocs in.

Step 02:

Then dip your new pair of crocs into the hot water, but not for more than 1 minute. Make sure you time this as it is crucial to get the timings correct.

Step 03:

Immediately remove from the water and as soon as the heat on the outer surface of the shoe reaches a tolerable level for your feet, wear your freshly boiled crocs as before and explore your surroundings with your feet for five to ten minutes.

After wearing it for several days in this way, the materials of your crocs shoes will stretch and fit your feet.

Method 03. Wear Socks (The simplest but a long-term process)

In this method to stretch your crocs, you do not have to give any extra effort. All you need to do is get 4-5 pairs of thick socks. That’s all! Basically you need to wear a pair of socks with your sandals.

Perhaps this is best to do casual around the house rather than rocking socks and sandals in public (unless you like that look).

Then you wear your newly bought crocs with these thick socks for the first several days for a little longer than you normally would.

This will allow you to see a drastic change in your compressed shoes. I mean, you’ll notice that they’re slowly stretching very well.

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ConclusionDo Crocs Stretch?

Above we discussed some pretty good ways to stretch shoes that look like crocs or stretch original crocs. If you want, you can try all the methods one by one to see which one works best for you to wear crocs comfortably.

As far as I have noticed crocs footwear is a very popular brand name and they have been producing the best quality products to their consumers year after year.

For the comfort of breathy toe boxes and the breathability of crocs shoes you may want a nice relaxed fit compared to other types of footwear. Fortuntatelt crocs material will stretch.