Cheaper Doc Martens Alternatives for 2022

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A lot of men and women want to enjoy a fashionable style but want to spend a fair price without going overboard. Are you one of them? Then you need to look at the best Cheaper Doc Martens alternatives. That way you can save a lot of money and get the highest quality combat boots.

Below, we analyze the main aspects of Doc Martens boots and alternative brands. You will also find the 7 best alternative boots that are available on the market. That’s why we recommend you read on to discover some affordable leather boots that you will want to spend your money on.

Cheaper Doc Martens

Top 7 Boots Like Doc Martens Review:

01. Black Military 8-Eye Leather Ankle Boots

Key Features:

  • Resistant rubber sole
  • Non-slip sole
  • Quilted template

Do you want to enjoy some shoes like doc martens? Then this option could be for you! These are boots that are made of high-quality leather. In this case, older girls and women will be able to use these boots with rubber soles of excellent durability. This rubber sole is wear-resistant and offers a non-slip effect.

Moreover these boots come with a round toe and lace design have also been incorporated for an exact fit. Here, too, the cushioned insole provides excellent comfort for the entire foot. That is why you will be able to wear these leather boots for many hours without suffering pain.

It is even an excellent option to combine with different styles and garments. You’ll notice that the interior is lined with soft fabric for maximum comfort. In other words, it’s a great option to save some money and enjoy as an alternative to doc martens.


  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • High-quality leather
  • Proper fit


  • Few designs available

02. Fisi Round Toe Short Combat Boots for Girls

Key Features:

  • Leather and rubber sole
  • Boots with black design
  • High comfort insole

All women who wish to enjoy leather boots and different combinations of clothing can choose this option. You are acquiring boots like doc martens without spending so much money. In this case, you combine high-quality leather with synthetic rubber for the bottom. That is why it is one of the options that allow you to offer a long life span.

In principle, the round toe design gives a classic design to these leather boots. It is even a highly durable option for getting through difficult surfaces anywhere. The front with metal eyelets is combined with laces for a precise fit at all times. You’ll enjoy safe and reliable use no matter where you are.

Finally, it is necessary to consider that the anti-slip sole that these boots come with that will allow you to enjoy a strong footprint. Also included in the interior is a cushioned insole to provide good balance and support to the feet. That is why when using these leather boots for many hours your feet will not hurt at all.


  • High level of foot comfort
  • High-quality leather and rubber
  • Soft, cushioned interior


  • Complaints from users with sizes

03. Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Boots

Key Features:

  • Rubber sole with excellent durability
  • 1-inch heel
  • 0.5-inch platform

In this case, men will also be able to enjoy one of the best doc marten alternatives. The materials used combine high-quality leather and synthetic rubber. Even the rubber sole offers a precise design that provides excellent traction.

It is necessary to mention that the platform offers you 0.5 inches and high with one inch. This makes it one of the best options for men who want a military or motorcycle style. Here it is possible to find a heel strap and laces to get the proper fit.

In other words, this is a classic vintage and aggressive design. In turn, these leather boots are comfortable and flexible. So, you will be able to enjoy excellent use without needing too much money.


  • Highly durable materials
  • Aggressive and attractive design
  • Comfortable and flexible rubber boots


  • Few different designs

04. Bruno Marc Men’s Combat Oxford Boots

Key Features:

  • Excellent resistance
  • Attractive design
  • 1-inch heel

Are you looking for aggressive and attractive boots? Here we bring you one of the best alternatives to dr martens. These are boots with a biker’s design that are excellent for many men. This includes a rubber sole with excellent durability and design. So you can enjoy excellent traction on any type of surface.

To enjoy an excellent fit these boots include a comfortable zipper on the side. Even this can be combined with the laces for an excellent fit and safe use at all times. In turn, the neck of these leather boots is padded so as not to hurt the ankle area.

The interior has a synthetic leather lining and a padded insole. So the aggressive design of the exterior is combined with excellent comfort on the inside. The platform offers 0.5 inches, while the heel offers 1-inch thickness. Finally, these are leather boots that are very comfortable and flexible at the same time.


  • Includes zipper
  • High level of durability
  • Excellent for motorcyclists


  • Intermediate comfort at the beginning

05. Polar Fox Brady Fur Lined Motorcycle Boots

Key Features:

  • Padded interior
  • Wear-resistant
  • Efficient breathability

One of the best dr marten look-alike boots is this model with an excellent affordable cost. It is a casual design and very attractive to men. In this case, the comfort is excellent due to the padded interior. In turn, these boots offer efficient breathability to keep your feet dry and cool at all times.

On the other hand, a high level of durability is due to the use of high-quality materials. You will have the possibility to use these leather boots in a great number of places. So much so that in an indoor or outdoor environment these boots will keep your feet protected. Besides, the synthetic rubber sole is impact resistant.

Finally, it is necessary to consider that a strap in the back of the boots is combined with efficient laces. So it’s easy to enjoy the right fit every time. In other words, it’s one of the classic models that a wide variety of men choose. If you want to enjoy boots with a long life span you should choose this model.


  • Attractive and classic design
  • Impact-resistant
  • The efficient level of breathability


  • Few designs available

06. Adokoo Women’s Combat Boots

Key Features:

  • High-quality rubber sole
  • Anti-slip effect
  • Abrasion-resistant boots

All women who want boots similar to doc martens can opt for this model. Do you want to keep your feet comfortable and save money at the same time? Then, you can choose these high quality and resistant leather boots. These are combat boots that are chosen by women who want an aggressive and attractive style.

On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that these boots provide a non-slip rubber sole. So you can get an efficient fraction on slippery or difficult surfaces. Even the material used in these boots is also of excellent quality.

This is why the level of resistance to abrasion, grease, and oil is also very high. In other words, it is a design that can provide a long life from now on. You can even enjoy a more suitable combination when mixing those boots with your current garments.


  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent shelf life


  • Too much height for some women

07. Sam Edelman Women’s Laguna Chelsea Boot

Key Features:

  • High-quality leather boots
  • 1.5″ heel
  • Elevated boot provides extra comfor

Finally, we must analyze these boots like dr martens. Do you want to get a design? Without a doubt, these leather chelsea style boots manage to convince a large number of women every day! Moreover, it is a design that can be combined with a great number of garments and styles. So women who want to get an urban design and an aggressive look can opt for these boots.

In this case, it is necessary to mention that the traction and safety you get from your feet is appropriate. That is why the non-slip rubber sole provides a safe and balanced use at all times. As if that were not enough, these boots also have excellent resistance to the wear and tear of daily use.

However these boots are closer to the price level you might already be looking at for actual Doc Martens. They are a very high quality boot though.


  • Includes zipper on the side
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Excellent balance and traction


  • A higher price level than other options.

Black Doc Martens

Buyer’s Guide

Story Behind Doc Martens Boots Success & Popularity

Brief History: This clothing and footwear brand was born in the Wellingborough district of Northamptonshire. The founder was Klaus Martens, a doctor in the German army during World War II. This is why Doc Martens boots resemble the boots used in the army. Today there is an excellent variety of leather boots and booties.

Doc Martens Boots Specialty

Material: In general, most of the materials used in the boots are based on the use of leather and synthetic rubber. Today it is not known if animal leather is used in the manufacture of shoes and other products. Also, it is possible to find some textile materials for the manufacture of the interior lining of the boots.

Design: In particular, we can mention that the design of this type of boots is similar to the others used by the German army in the Second World War. Of course, over the decades this design has evolved into the boots we know today. However, the essence of the created leather boots still maintains its style.

Comfort: To provide a high level of comfort these boots include a padded insole on the inside. A soft fabric lining is also often incorporated to provide a special condition for the feet. On the outside, the rubber sole provides excellent balance and support. That is why a lot of people choose these boots beyond the design chosen in the garments.

Features You Should Check Before Knocking Off Dr Martens

Affordable Cost Level: One of the main advantages of the best Doc Martens alternatives is the affordable cost of each of the options we have analyzed. In this case, you will be able to enjoy an excellent amount of advantages such as good comfort and balance. However, the final cost is usually lower, although the lifespan could also be shorter.

Comfort Materials: To provide a high level of comfort, we include padded materials and textiles inside the boots. Padded material is also often included in the collar of leather boots. Finally, the rubber sole should be non-slip to provide a secure grip on the ground.

Fashionable Design: Usually the style of the alternatives to dr martens is very similar to the leather army boots. However, men’s and women’s boots have a variety of high-quality details. A way to save money? Without a doubt, you can save money by choosing one of the best doc marten alternatives.

Brand Quality: Here we have analyzed alternative brands that offer excellent quality boots. In principle, the excellent quality is found in the most synthetic lake and leather used. This way, you will be able to get an excellent life span at an affordable cost.

Cheaper Doc Martens

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)

How long does Doc Martens last?

In particular, by looking after Dr Martens boots properly you can count on a wearing time that reaches a decade. Of course, this life span depends on the maintenance of your Dr Martens boots and the frequency of use.

How can you tell if Doc Martens are fake?

In general, the name of the label on the Dr Martens boots is often misspelled when the brand is fake. We also recommend that you detect the genuine yellow seams at the base of the shoe.

Are Doc Martens worth it?

A great number of women and men decide to opt for Dr Martens boots to obtain excellent results that you get from a high quality brand. However, nowadays there are boots of alternative brands with good characteristics and excellent costs.

Are Dr Martens and Doc Martens the same?

Each of these names (Dr Martens and Doc Martens) refers to the same boot brand and company.

Are Doc Martens real leather?

In general, it is not known if these boot models use real animal leather. That’s why the answer remains a mystery.

Why does Doc Martens have yellow stitching?

In particular, yellow stitching is applied to most boot models as a distinction between other brands. This is why you will always find yellow stitching on Dr Martens boots.

Are Timberlands better than Doc Martens?

In this case, a large number of people claim that Timberland boots can offer longer life and overall resistance. However, some Dr Martens boots are more affordable and easier to clean.

What makes Dr Martens so special?

Most people claim that these boots are special because they are highly resistant to various abrasion factors. Here the resistance allows them to withstand alkalis, gasoline, acid, oil, grease, among others.


After choosing one of the best Dr Martens Alternatives your feet will be able to enjoy excellent resistance and comfort. Also, you will be able to erase an excellent amount of money by taking advantage of the best features of alternative brands.

Of course, most of these boots provide a unique design for both men and women. So, everything you need to make the best decision is in this review. So, after choosing the best design you will be able to enjoy a unique and enviable style by the rest of the people.