Do Hey Dudes Run Big or Small?

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I am writing this blog post to answer the question that many people have been asking, “Do Hey Dude shoes run big or small?” The company is fairly new and it is sometimes difficult to find other reviews to ensure you find a pair of comfortable shoes.

In order to help you decide whether or not these are the right Hey Dude shoes for you, I will tell you what I know about them from personal experience with this popular footwear brand.

Hey Dude shoes are unisex shoes and run about one size larger. Additionally there are suggestions based on Hey Dude customer feedback such as “If in-between sizes, order next smaller size if you prefer a roomier fit that has less support” or “If you’re looking for a narrow width, order same size.”

Hey Dude Shoes are a fashion brand with an ultra-casual look. They offer loafers in various colors and styles as well as sandals, slides, and clogs. The Hey Dude footwear is made of leather with manmade sole inserts so they can be worn out on the town or at work without any problems. All the Hey Dude shoes come in whole sizes only.

Do Hey Dude Shoes run true to size?

Hey Dude shoes are meant to be ordered a half-size up from the size you normally wear in order to stretch into new footwear.

Hey Dude shoes are not really designed for all-day comfort like you would wear to work, so we recommend ordering a Hey Dude shoe that’s about a half size larger than your everyday shoe just so it can stretch and form to your foot more comfortably. For people who want some seriously good looks and an equally comfortable shoe, we suggest you go one full size bigger with Hey Dude shoes compared to your normal shoe.

The hit will be custom fitted and very likely taller with increased arch support! You’ll love it for hours on end without any discomfort or irritation! If you typically purchase wide widths in most other brands, then please note that Hey Dude shoes run truer to size in both width and length than most shoes!

There is also have a wide selection of insoles that you can order from, which will help the shoe fit better and provide all-day comfort for your foot.

Hey Dude Shoes are not meant to be worn indoors or used as everyday walking shoes since they are mostly designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, etc., but Hey Dudes may work great as everyday party shoes if you plan on being active while wearing them! If not, we recommend ordering one size up either way!

Are Hey Dude Shoes wide or narrow?

Hey Dude Shoes are a unisex, medium-width shoe and are available in both standard widths and wide widths.

Hey Dude is a company committed to pushing boundaries in creativity and innovation; they want their customers to be able to partake in design as well. As such, the philosophy of the company is embodied by their slogan “fit for life”. They carry so many different types of shoes that nothing can keep them down! So whether you’re into lightweights or heavy plantigrades, Hey Dude Shoes has got you covered.

In order for the foot to function properly, it is important that there be enough space for the toes on both sides of the shoe in a forefoot-to-hind foot or TDH (toe downhill) position. If they do not have enough space, we would typically recommend looking at broader widths instead.

The good news is that Hey Dude shoes can be custom-made with any size sole so that you get your perfect comfort! You will also discover that this model comes up higher at the back of the heel which better supports and safeguards your Achilles tendon from injury.

Do Hey Dude Shoes come in wide width?

Hey Dude shoes come in a variety of widths, including wide sizes.

Hey Dude offers a variety of different widths to guarantee that women with even the widest calf could walk around in comfort and style. They offer both regular and wide widths for their shoes, as well as half sizes to accommodate varying needs.

Are Hey Dudes supposed to fit loose?

Definitely not. Hey Dudes shoes were designed to fit snuggly and leave no room for movement in the toes so that you can dance, run, and jump with a lot of mobility. Indeed, even if one size is too small, the next size up will be too big after wearing them a while.

The only exception would be the new “barefoot” design which offers free space in front of the toes to ensure healthy understanding development but still provides enough stability for rigorous activities like dance or running.

Find out the best way to tighten Hey Dude shoes.

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Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Large or Run Small – Conclusion

Hey Dude Shoes are a popular brand of shoes for adults and kids, but many parents have questions if these shoes run big or small. The answer is that they do run true to size, however, there may be some differences in the widths between models and styles.

For example, one Hey Dude model might fit wider than another due to different materials used on the shoe’s upper part. If you’re not sure which Hey Dude style would work best with your foot type and preferred activities, explore their official sizing chart here.