Chacos Alternatives : Top 7 Picks for You in 2022

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Do you want to do water sports or activities? To protect your feet, you don’t need much money since the best Chacos Alternatives are here. In principle, each of the sandals we have analyzed can be very efficient to protect your feet. Also among the models available you can find sandals for men and women.

Therefore, below we mention the most important aspects when choosing Chaco Alternative. This way, you will avoid spending your money on the wrong options.

Top 7 Chacos Alternatives:

01. Teva Men’s M Hurricane Sport Sandal

Key Features:

  • 100% of textile materials
  • Synthetic rubber sole
  • Excellent walking traction

One of the best options available in the market is these units manufactured 100% with textile materials. That is why you can enjoy a pair of shoes like chacos. Can you find good comfort in these shoes? Without a doubt, this is one of the best options that are available in the market.

Teva Men's Hurricane 4 Sandal, Wavy Trail Navy, 9

At the same time, the sole provides excellent stability for difficult surfaces or terrains. Even the life span of these units is more than adequate. And you don’t need much money for it! In principle, these are men’s sandals that are ideal for keeping your feet cool and comfortable all day long.


  • High-quality materials
  • Highly resistant synthetic rubber
  • Excellent grip on the ground


  • Adjustment to the intermediate feet

02. Columbia Men’s Techsun Vent Sandal

Key Features:

  • 100% synthetic sole
  • Optimal ground traction
  • Excellent water drainage

Another option that a large number of users choose is these sandals with excellent ventilation and adjustable straps. Do you want to knock off chacos? Here you will be able to enjoy the best characteristics that are possible to find in this type of shoes. The 100% synthetic materials mean an environmentally friendly procedure.

Columbia Youth Techsun Vent Sandal, We Traction Grip, Quick-Drying

Additionally, you can get excellent water lineage thanks to the special design of the sole. This sandal leaves no marks and offers an excellent grip on the ground. Even the midsole provides an energy return and additional comfort. That’s why your foot can be dry and comfortable at the beginning or end of the day.


  • Excellent shelf life
  • Velcro straps that are adjustable
  • Keeps feet dry
  • Optimal airflow


  • Few designs available

03. KEEN Men’s Arroyo II Sandal

Key Features:

  • Textile and leather shoes
  • Efficient for sports
  • Rubber toe protection

To enjoy excellent shoes similar to chacos, we recommend analyzing this model. In this case, it is a model shaped like a sneaker for much more comfortable use. Even the lacing system adapts with other adjustments for safe and reliable use. Also, the rubber toe cap protects the toes.

KEEN Men's Arroyo II Hiking Sandal,Slate Black/Bronze Green,11 M US

Here too, a double density insole has been incorporated for more appropriate support. It is even a waterproof sandal for greater efficiency. So you can simply do a lot of sports while keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day. It’s a great way to enjoy off-brand chacos without spending so much money.

Great if you are looking for the best hiking sandals available for dealing with rocky terrain although hiking boots would be ideal for full protection.


  • Finger protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Excellent ground grip


  • Intermediate life

04. Xero Men’s Z-Trail Walking Sandals

Key Features:

  • Light shoes
  • Perfect for various physical activities
  • Water-resistant

Of course, a lot of people want to enjoy their Chacos. Here you will be able to know these sandals like chacos but cheaper. Besides, the advantages obtained are the same as the original sandals. In principle, these units are 76% thinner and lighter compared to other sandals that are available today.

Xero Shoes Women's Z-Trail EV Sandal

At the same time, excellent durability is combined with efficient water resistance. So, your piece will be dry throughout the day. Besides, the grip provides excellent and reliable use. Finally, the ground grip is efficient and provides the traction you need. What else do you want? Without a doubt, the design of these sandals is the most appropriate for many men!


  • Dry feet at all times
  • High level of comfort and airflow
  • Optimal ground grip


  • Not very effective when running

05. Adidas Comfort Sandal Slide

Key Features:

  • Resistant rubber sole
  • Ideal for some sports
  • Safe and reliable grip

Do you think of getting off-brand chacos? Then you need these sandals! Here we can mention one of the most recognized branded sandals in the market. Everyone active can trust that Adidas can provide them with every advantage they are looking for. The high-quality rubber sole provides excellent grip on the ground.

adidas Comfort Sandal Slide, Black, 13 M US

At the same time, the design of the tapes offers safe and reliable use at all times. In particular, this tape is made of the highest performance textile material. In this case, your feet will be able to stay dry and comfortable all day long. Even here you will have the possibility to save some money and enjoy some excellent sandals.


  • Ideal for sports
  • A great step from tradiotional flip flops
  • Highly resistant rubber sole
  • Innovative and pleasant design


  • Intermediate lifespan

06. KEEN Women’s Bali Strap Sandals for Women

Key Features:

  • Synthetic rubber sole
  • 0.75-inch platform
  • Rubber toe cap

Enjoying each of the advantages of the best sandals is not too difficult. You don’t need much money to have some of the knockoffs. Here, women can enjoy an efficient and comfortable design to wear all day long. In particular, the secure grip and design include a rubber toe cap for finger protection.

KEEN Women's Bali Strap Sandal, Radiance/Algiers, 8 M US

On the other hand, the synthetic rubber sole provides a secure grip on the floor. For better support and balance the platform is 0.75 inches thick. Also, the life of these units can offer several months of frequent use. So it’s one of the best ways to get outdoors and keep your feet cool.


  • Additional finger protection
  • Safe and reliable fit
  • Attractive design
  • Great for everyday wear


  • Few designs available

07. Skechers Women’s Sport Sandal

Key Features:

  • 100% synthetic materials
  • Comfortable and lightweight sandals
  • Safe and reliable fit

Today many people want to enjoy Chaco-type sandals for women. Here we can analyze one of the options with an excellent affordable cost and other high-quality features. In principle, the grip is safe and reliable to use in different activities. Besides, the design is innovative and stands out among the sandals that are available in the market.

Skechers womens On-the-go 600 - Brilliancy Sport Sandal, Black, 5 US

People will have a 0.75-inch thick platform and excellent cushioning. Even the upper has a special fabric and the insoles provide excellent rebound. So, people who decide to walk or do other activities with these sandals will notice the big difference.


  • Safe and reliable design
  • Great for everyday wear
  • Excellent walking bounce
  • Innovative and original design


  • Intermediate lifespan is the only downside

Chaco Sandals Buyer’s Guide

Story Behind Chacos Shoes Success & Popularity

Let’s take a look at the history of Chacos sandals as what makes them a popular brand for anyone looking to buy sandals.

Brief History of Chacos:

In 1991 Mark Paigen started to manufacture the first Chaco models. In particular, these sandals were designed for use in some outdoor activities such as fishing or rafting. After the launch of the first models, these sandals have become very popular all over the world. Along with this, the growth of this company has also been exceptional.

Chacos Shoes Specialty:

In general, Chaco sandals specialize in offering shoes that can be worn outdoors. These shoes are also designed to be worn in contact with water. So, users can enjoy dry and cool feet even on hot days.


Usually, each of these sandals is made of synthetic rubber and textile materials. In some cases, leather could be used for the upper of the sandals. However, leather is not generally used during production.


The design of most of the sandal models includes Z-shaped straps. This way, an efficient grip can be obtained during any kind of activity. In this way, an efficient grip can be obtained during any kind of activity. A 1-shaped grip is also added.

Super Comfort:

Do you want to enjoy good comfort in your shoes? One of the main advantages of this sandal is the freshness and comfort that your feet can obtain throughout the day. Besides, a thick platform is usually included along with an excellent density insole. In this way, the feet can enjoy pleasant comfort in any type of activity.

Chaco Women's MEGA Z Cloud Sandal, Kaleido Katydid, 8

Features You Should Check Before Buying Any Chacos Alternatives

Lets take a look at the criteria you should consider when looking to buy sandals that are similar to Chacos.

Affordable Cost Level:

You will need very little money to enjoy Chacos Alternatives. However, the rest of the advantages are also included in the alternative sandal models.

Ample Foot Comfort:

Here the comfort level is very similar to the original sandals. Even you will notice this when doing any kind of water sport. That’s why the alternative models have become so popular, right?

Also pretty all of the brands we have recommended will keep your feet cool as most sandals should do for any outdoor activities.

Arch Support:

The arch support is usually lower compared to the Chaco sandals. However, additional features such as the design and durability of materials are also included.


Generally, the designs are very similar in each of the options we have analyzed. Also, we have included sandals for men as well as for women. In a few steps, you will be able to find the most appropriate model!

Chaco Women's Zcloud 2 Sandal, Punta Pine, 9

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)

Are tevas or chacos better?

In principle, tevas sandals offer a lower arch and a flatter design. Chaco sandals provide a thicker platform and greater support.

What is Chacos used for?

Generally, most Chaco sandal designs offer open-toed shoes and excellent outdoor comfort. Therefore, they are usually used in some physical activities and sports.

Are a Pair of Chacos good for walking long distances?

To be able to walk long distances Chaco sandals must offer a thick platform. However, these shoes have been designed to check some water sports or outdoor activities.

Are a Pair of Chacos waterproof?

In general, these models of sandals are waterproof since they have been created to be used in water sports and wet conditions.

Can Chacos get wet?

People may notice that the sandals can get wet but they can also dry quickly. So, people can enjoy wearing these sandals and keep their feet dry after a few minutes.

What’s the difference between classic and cloud chacos?

Generally, the classic design offers ergonomic comfort and normal balance. Also, the cloud insoles offer twice the density for better balance which is useful for some outdoor activities.

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Chacos Alternatives – Conclusion

Chaco Z/1 Classic Women 9 Black

Do you want to do outdoor activities or water sports? Here you don’t need a big budget as you can get to know the best Chaco Sandals Alternatives.  Even each one of the characteristics of these models can offer the same advantages as the original sandals.

So, if you are looking for a high level of comfort and grip on the ground these Chaco sandals alternatives will do a good job. In other words, your next activities will be much more enjoyable from the first moment. Without a doubt, you will be able to get the best care for your feet and avoid pain at the end of the day.