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Birkenstock Alternatives : Top 7 Picks for 2022

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Every day more women want to get the best sandals on the market. Of course, you don’t need much money as you can find the best Birkenstock alternatives here. In particular, the following sandal designs can provide you with the right look along with an optimal level of comfort.

For you to avoid wasting your money on the wrong option, we also analyze the most important aspects of each option. This way, it will be much easier to access your next very comfortable sandals!

All we recommend: Birkenstock Alternatives

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Table of Contents

    The 7 Best Birkenstock Alternatives

    1. FUNKYMONKEY Women’s Double Buckle Sandals

    Key Features:

    • Great variety of designs
    • Lightweight sandals
    • Waterproof materials

    One of the best options available in the market is these flat sandals with excellent durability material. Also, it is a material that provides excellent comfort and does not produce pain at the end of the day. So it is an alternative option to Birkenstock style sandals that you should consider.

    Looking for a lightweight option? Without a doubt, this is a very light and comfortable sandal to wear all day. It is also washable and waterproof. So, in a few minutes, these sandals are dry. A lot of women choose these sandals for a wide combination. So on the next hot day, you should count on these sandals.


    • Waterproof material
    • Synthetic rubber sole
    • Proper fit


    • Intermediate wear

    2. CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Luna Cork Sandal

    Key Features:

    • Synthetic rubber sole
    • 100% suede insoles
    • Adjustable straps

    Do you want to enjoy sandals like Birkenstock? Here is the answer! These sandals have an excellent quality synthetic rubber sole. So you can get excellent balance and safety when walking. Besides, the suede insoles are 100% adjustable to the feet.

    The cork insole is very flexible and the platform offers you 1.25 inches. This makes the design more than suitable for combining this shoe with a large number of garments. The adjustable straps include a soft lining for a smooth feel. So, when walking these sandals offer the safety and confidence that women need.


    • Excellent level of flexibility
    • High-quality vegan sandals
    • Good level of durability


    • Some problems with shipping

    3. Women’s Open Toe Cork Sandals

    Key Features:

    • Synthetic rubber sole
    • 0.6-inch platform
    • Ergonomic template

    Nowadays many women choose these shoes like Birkenstocks as their main option. In principle, it is one of the most comfortable models to wear all day long. The high-quality synthetic rubber sole provides the right fit to the floor. That is why women can rely on these sandals and get comfortable wear.

    The ergonomic insole allows it to adapt perfectly to the shape of the feet. So this provides arch support in combination with a spacious toe and a deep heel cup. In other words, these sandals are excellent for stimulating blood circulation and providing the proper balance for your legs.


    • Easy to use
    • High level of comfort
    • Helps blood circulation


    • Few designs

    4. TIHOO Women’s T-Strap Thong Sandals

    Key Features:

    • High-quality synthetic sole
    • Straps with adjustable buckle
    • Casual and pleasant design

    One of the best Birkenstock knockoffs available on the market is these sandals. In this case, it is possible to enjoy a rubber sole with the proper fit to provide safe and reliable use. Even here, high-quality materials are used for really long life.

    On the other hand, the design of these sandals allows adapting the look of any woman to a great number of situations. In other words, it is one of the most chosen designs by a large number of women today. The buckle on the upper allows for the most appropriate fit for safe and reliable use at all times.


    • Excellent shelf life
    • Attractive and elegant design
    • Ergonomic insole


    • Thin synthetic sole

    5. SANDALUP Soft Ring Toe Cork Sandals

    Key Features:

    • Non-slip rubber sole
    • Adjustable copper buckle
    • Efficient against humidity

    Are you wondering how to save money on your next sandal? The answer is by getting the best fake Birkenstocks. This model can be very appropriate as it includes an ergonomic design to fit every type of foot. At the same time, the cross-ringed tip provides a combination of fit and efficient soft touch. This is an excellent way to combine this shoe with the best outfits.

    The adjustable copper buckle provides an excellent fit for reliable use at all times. The non-slip rubber sole is wear-resistant and provides a secure grip on the floor. In other words, this is a sandal that is resistant to everyday use and moisture. Even the cost-benefit ratio is more than adequate.


    • Excellent level of comfort
    • Innovative design
    • An optimal level of adjustment


    • Inconveniences with sizes

    6. Madden Girl Women’s Brando Slide-On

    Key Features:

    • 100% synthetic materials
    • 0.5-inch heel
    • 0.75-inch platform

    Are you looking for a sandal similar to Birkenstock? One of the most recommended options is this model that has excellent features! Here the synthetic rubber sole is made of high-quality materials. Even the 0.5-inch heel and 0.75-inch platform are excellent for providing the balance and comfort you are looking for.

    Moreover, the adjustable buckles allow this sandal to fit any woman’s foot. Even the padded footbed provides excellent support throughout the day. It’s a great way to keep your feet comfortable for a wide range of daily activities. The best part is that you don’t need too much money for these sandals.


    • Efficient materials
    • Comfortable and secure fit
    • Ergonomic design


    • Regular ground grip

    7. VLLY Cork Open Toe Slippers for Women

    Key Features:

    • Excellent shelf life
    • Adjustable buckles
    • Quilted material

    For all women who want to get shoes similar to Birkenstock, this last option is very affordable. Do you want comfort for your feet? These sandals can offer you all the features your feet need. Here the cross straps provide the proper fit for the toes. Also, the buckles offer safe and reliable use throughout the day.

    The cushioned material that has been incorporated into these sandals prevents foot pain at the end of the day. Even the design of these sandals is ergonomic and they fit any woman’s feet. So, this is an excellent way to enjoy hot days.


    • Attractive design
    • High-quality synthetic materials
    • Efficient and comfortable buckles


    • Few models available

    Birkenstock Alternatives – Buyers Guide

    Story Behind Birkenstock Shoes Success & Popularity

    Brief History: Johann Adam Birkenstock was the first person on whom these sandals are inspired. In 1966 the first sandals were introduced in the United States. From this moment on the company has achieved a great development of the business thanks to the sandal models. This is why it is possible to find Birkenstock sandals in most parts of the world today.

    Birkenstock Shoes Specialty

    Material: Generally, materials that do not include animal parts are used. The two most used materials, in this case, are rubber and cork. In some cases, it is possible to use chamois to make the straps on the top. All these materials are synthetic and of excellent quality. That’s why you don’t have a long life span.

    Design: In general, the design aims to provide a sandal that is easy and quick to use. Here, a rubber sole is combined with an ergonomic insole. This design is intended to make the sandals fit your feet comfortably. On the upper part, some straps with different designs are combined. Some buckles complete the design of the sandals to get the proper fit.

    Ample Foot Comfort: To provide the right comfort for your feet, the insoles are ergonomically designed. So, they are not flat shoes that can be uncomfortable at the end of the day. On the contrary, these sandals respect the shape of the feet, which is excellent for avoiding pain at the end of the day.

    Features You Should Check Before Buying Birkenstock Alternatives

    Affordable Cost Level: One of the main advantages of imitation Birkenstock sandals is the affordable cost of each of these options. With this, women have the possibility of enjoying the best features of sandals without spending a lot of money. A disadvantage in this case could bring a lower life span instead of the Birkenstock sandals.

    Comfort Materials: In general, the same materials are used to make fake Birkenstocks sandals. So here the comfort level manages to be very appropriate for the vast majority of women. Would you like an additional advantage? Here most of the Birkenstock knock-off brands also include an ergonomic design to fit every woman’s feet.

    Design: Most designs include a synthetic rubber sole with an ergonomically designed insole. Two or three suede straps are usually included in the upper. Some models may include a toe ring in the front. Finally, metal buckles provide the proper fit for women.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)

    What is the best knock-off Birkenstocks?

    Ans: One of the most recommended models that you can find today is VLLY sandals. Many women trust these Birkenstock knock off brands. Do you want to save money? Then this is a good option!

    How long should Birkenstocks last?

    Ans: With frequent use, these sandals can provide a few years of wear. If you apply the proper care, then the life span can be extended to a decade.

    Is Birkenstocks worth buying?

    Ans: Today there is an excellent amount of sandals like Birkenstocks with really affordable costs. So you can enjoy the same features as these sandals in other alternative brands.

    Are Birkenstocks in Style 2021?

    Ans: In general, these are some models of sandals that are classic and do not go out of style. So you can find the original sandals or imitation Birkenstock sandals. Either of these options can be an excellent alternative knockoff Birkenstocks.

    Why is Birkenstock so expensive?

    Ans: In principle, the high costs of these sandals are due to the excellent growth of the company. This also explains all the Birkenstock knockoff brands on the market.

    Can you wear Birkenstocks with jeans?

    Ans: An excellent advantage of this type of footwear is that it can be used with jeans or a wide variety of clothing. Therefore, you can find your best style easily!

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    Conclusion – Birkenstock Alternatives

    After choosing the best Birkenstock alternatives, your feet will be able to enjoy excellent comfort and a unique look. For that, you don’t need much money since these alternatives are very efficient and convenient to use at all times.

    Women usually choose this type of shoes because of the flexible and versatile use of different garments. In particular, sandals can be very comfortable to wear on the hottest days. So, without a doubt, it is an excellent investment to enjoy more of each day.