Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet and Overpronation

Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet And Overpronation

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Your feet are important. They are the foundations of your entire body, keeping you upright and stable throughout any vertical activity. However, if you have flat feet or suffer from overpronation, these everyday activities can become uncomfortable, painful and could lead to injury.

Having flat feet means that the arches in the midsection of your foot have fallen, causing the entire foot to be planted on the ground. Overpronation is seen more often in people with flat feet and means that your foot rolls inward a little too much, making the outer edge of your heel hit the ground first during walking or running.

This can lead to many painful and uncomfortable symptoms, such as pain in the foot, legs and back, swelling, foot fatigue, and can also affect your stability making you accident prone when in motion.

All of these symptoms present a disadvantage to you in your everyday life, so how do you keep up with the arched-feet people of the world? A pair of comfortable shoes that can properly support your feet and make vertical activities a breeze.

However, that’s a tall task for just one pair of feet, so we’ve put ourselves in your shoes and picked out the best supports for flat feet and overpronation for your ease. Below you will find our five top shoe picks and a buyer’s guide of what to look out for when searching for that pair of shoes that are unique to you.

Our Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet And Overpronation Reviews

New Balance 1540 V3 Running Shoe

The New Balance 1540 V3 are designed specifically for those that suffer from overpronation and flat feet.

They are fitted with New Balance’s unique rollbar posting system, a molded plate is fitted to the outer and inner edges of the shoe preventing your foot from rolling inward or outward. This helps to correct pronation and makes the shoe a very stable option for running and walking alike.

As well as the roll bar, the 1540 V3 also have a low arch and a cushioned midsole to support flat feet and make running as comfortable as possible whilst offering a good amount of stability. Due to this, these shoes are long-lasting in any activity.

These shoes are also thought to be very versatile with users saying they are a great fit for everyday life as well as exercise. If you suffer from severe overpronation I would recommend the New Balance 1540 V3 due to their focus on not only making a shoe comfortable for those with overpronation but also striving to help your pronation.


  • Roll Bar Posing System – New Balance’s roll bar posing system not only helps the stability and comfort of your run by not allowing your foot to roll, but it also helps correct pronation.
  • Stability – The low arch and cushioned midsole makes this a comfortable and stable running shoe for those with flat feet.
  • Versatility – These shoes work wonderfully and comfortably in any exercise as well as daily life.


  • Durability – Some users have claimed that the mesh on the upper of the shoe can be a little less than durable, with holes starting to form over short periods of time. This is something to watch out for if using frequently.

Brooks Ariel 20

The Brooks Ariel 20 are a fantastic option for stability in running and walking. Similar to New Balance’s rollbar system, the Ariel 20 have Guardrail technology to stabilize the foot as it is in motion helping ease overpronation.

It also houses an external heel counter to keep excess movement at bay and your foot in one place. These shoes are also made for flat feet, having a roomy toe box and wide fit so there’s no pressure being put onto your feet, instead just letting the guide rail do all the work for you.

The excellent stability of the Brooks is accompanied well by the comfortable plush cushioning and the low arch to retain comfort and support for flat feet. Even with a focus on stability, these shoes do not feel heavy or bulky and in fact, have been said to feel lightweight.

It is worth mentioning, however, that many customer reviews have advised to buy half a size up from your normal shoe size. With that in mind, if you are looking for a comfortable shoe designed around stability for severe overpronation, the Ariel 20 is a good bet.


  • Guide rail System – The Brooks Guardrail system prevents your foot from rolling and is designed for people with severe overpronation to keep stability when using.
  • Stability – As well as the guide rail system, the Ariel 20 has a heel counter that stops excess movement for added stability.
  • Comfort – With its low arch and plush cushion, this is a shoe made for the comfort of flat feet.
  • Lightweight – Due to its mesh upper, this shoe feels lightweight compared to other shoes that focus so much on stability.


  • Stiffness – Because of the guide rail system and its focus on stability for overpronation, this shoe can feel stiff when running as its goal is to keep your foot stable.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

The newest iteration in the Brooks Adrenaline range, the GTS 21, does not disappoint for its flat-footed and overpronated users. As well as the Ariel 20, it has Brooks’ guide rail system to help prevent your foot from rolling and keeping it nice and stable in motion.

The Adrenaline GTS 21’s house Brooks’ DNA Loft cushion, a combination of foam rubber and air that gives perfect support while running but in addition to this, the GTS 21 have used the same cushion to support the sides of the shoe. This along with the guide rail technology supports any over pronation of the foot.

These shoes also have a low arch and a removable insole for flat feet, allowing you to insert custom insoles that fit right for you. I recommend the Adrenaline GTS 21 for anyone who is planning on doing a lot of running as well as walking, the guide rails and DNA loft making sure that comfort doesn’t lack in either activity.


  • Guide Rail System – The Brooks Guardrail system prevents your foot from rolling and is designed for people with severe overpronation to keep stability when using.
  • Cushioned – The DNA Loft around the sides of the shoe, as well as the sole, gives maximum support and comfort.
  • Durable – These shoes are said to be very durable by customer reviews, long-lasting with even the most avid runners.
  • Removable Insole – You can insert any custom insole for your flat feet specifically for added comfort.


  • Narrow Toe Box – These shoes do not have a lot of room when it comes to the toe box and some flat-footed customers have had to go up half a size for a proper fit.

Saucony Hurricane 23 Running Shoe

The Saucony Hurricane 23 is a shoe built for flat foot stability and comfort. It has a low arch support meaning that you can walk comfortably and not feel any foot fatigue. It also bears a plush, memory-foam cushion, which makes it perfect for long walks and jogs while also being firm enough to support flat feet.

These shoes also have a mesh upper, making them very breathable and allowing a steady flow of oxygen around your foot so you can walk and jog for as long as you like. This also adds to the comfort and allows them to be worn throughout the day and doesn’t just limit them to exercise.

The Hurricane 23 are form-fitting shoes, when you run or jog the foot will stay in place and not wriggle and slide around. These shoes are very popular with those who suffer from flat feet and overpronation due to their focus on stability, especially when running and walking. If stability is a problem for you then the Saucony Hurricane 23 are a solid buy.


  • Stability – These shoes have a wide base and a balanced cushion, which means that your foot is supported throughout your walks.
  • Breathable – A mesh upper allows oxygen to flow allowing you to wear them for longer.
  • Comfortable Cushion – The plushie cushion on the bottom of the shoe helps you stay comfortable on those long walks and jogs.
  • Form-fitting – Your feet will not slide around in these shoes, adding to both stability and comfort.


  • Heavy and Bulky – Due to the focus on stability, the shoes do feel a little bulky especially when running, making them more suited toward long walks and jogs.

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V4 Running Shoe

With a fresh foam midsole made with a high-energizing cushion and a breathable mesh upper, the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V4 is designed for your comfort when exercising.

The fresh foam combined with the low arch also makes it a very stable shoe for flat feet and overpronation and many customers have said that it helps with back pain which is another symptom of having flat feet.

The Vongo V4’s are also said to be very durable and long-lasting, making them perfect for everyday use, and you will want to use them every day. These shoes are 50% mesh and 50% synthetic making them as lightweight as a shoe can be, some users even stated that they are closer to socks than they are shoes.

Being so lightweight this makes them perfect for running, especially long-distance road running like marathons. If you’re looking for something that’s built for comfort, these shoes are a great contender.


  • Comfort – These shoes pride themselves on their comfort, Fresh Foam is in the name and many flat-footed customers applaud it for its comfort.
  • Lightweight – The synthetic and mesh material that these shoes use make it a very lightweight and comfortable running shoe.
  • Stability – The Vongo V4’s have upper, midsole, and outsole molds that help keep the foot stable, controlling motion and gait.
  • Durability – These are long-lasting running shoes, built for marathons and everyday use.


  • Terrain – Due to its lightweight ‘sock-like’ design, customers have found that the shoes become uncomfortable on rougher terrain.
  • Heel Fit – It has also been noted in some cases that the heel fit is insecure, which can lead to some discomfort after a while.

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Buyer’s Guide

There are countless walking shoes on the market and some of them may even say they are suitable for flat feet and overpronation but when a decision could mean a painless, stable walk or a fatigue-filled agonizing nightmare it’s important to be sure.

We’ve set up this handy buyer’s guide in case you want to look for walking shoes that are unique to you. Here are some key things that you may need to consider.

Arch Support

It’s very important that the arches in your feet get the proper support while you’re walking or running with flat feet. If the shoe has a medium or high arch then your foot is going to be straining to try to work with the curvature of the shoe, leading to pain and foot fatigue.

A low arch, however, means that your feet don’t have to work to the curvature of the shoe as much, supporting them and ensuring that you stay comfortable for longer.

Stability For Overpronation

If you overpronate it’s vital to have a shoe that stops your foot from rolling inwards as you walk or run. In many shoes, there are guiding systems that stop this, such as Brooks’ Guardrail System and New Balance’s Roll Bar Posing system.

These systems keep your foot firmly in place during motion and correct the natural rolling an over pronating foot does. If a shoe labels itself as a shoe for overpronation, make sure there is a system in place to prove that.

Stiff Heel Counter

Another big factor of stability is the heel support, if the heel is unsupported then it’s likely that your foot could roll inward. You’ve got to look for a stiff yet comfortable heel that has a snug fit, meaning you cannot move your heel around in the shoe.

Firm Midfoot

It’s best to go for shoes that are firmer, giving your feet more stability in the midfoot where you need it. A lot of shoes made for flat feet and overpronation have a cushion that’s firmer than a regular cushioned sole such as Brooks’ DNA Loft. It is important that the shoe has a comfortable yet firm cushion.

Wide-Fit Shoes And Roomy Toe Boxes

It is common for people with flat feet to choose wider shoes over narrower shoes due to the lower arch creating a larger surface area at the base of the foot, the shoe shouldn’t be cramped or squeezed.

This is why many flat-footed shoes have a roomy toe box; however, it is worth looking at customer reviews of certain shoes to evaluate whether you’ll need to purchase a larger size than normal, this is especially the case when shoes are fitted with pronation guide systems that keep your feet in place.

Removable Insoles

When diagnosed with flat feet it is common to be prescribed custom insoles to help with comfort. A lot of shoes made for flat feet then come with a removable insole that lets you insert your own, if you need a custom insole or would prefer it, make sure to look out for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If Overpronators Run In Neutral Shoes?

If you overpronate your foot rolls inward and causes discomfort and could even lead to injury. In neutral shoes, there is nothing in place to counteract that meaning that you will notice an obvious wear in the outward side of your shoe.

Shoes built for overpronation guide your foot to stop rolling when in motion stopping discomfort and unnecessary wear.

Does Having Flat Feet Affect Shoe Size?

If you have flat feet, the arch of your foot is low to non-existent meaning the entire base of your foot touches the ground. Although your foot is the same size as someone with medium to high arches on paper, there is more surface area at the base of your foot meaning that sometimes you will need to look at a size larger than normal.