Are crocs non-slip

Are Crocs Non-Slip?

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Well, the simple answer to this is that actually yeah, some crocs are non-slip! Do not get us wrong, not all kinds of crocs are considered to be fully slip resistant, however there are a few crocs that have the specific non-slip feature which actually makes crocs pretty great work shoes.

So, if you are working in an environment which is generally pretty wet or pretty slippery, this could be because of the material that the floor is made of. Or, alternatively you might find that the floor is slippery because you work with liquids frequently and as a result of this some of it finds its way on the floor.

In these kinds of work environments, if you really can’t bear to say goodbye to your crocs, then you should really invest in a non-slip pair of crocs.

The Bistro Clog

So, this is a style of crocs that is available for men and women. These slip resistant crocs were designed with the workplace in mind. They were specifically targeted at people who work as part of the food service, or people who work as part of the hospitality sector, or people who are healthcare workers.

Crocs unisex adult Men's and Women's Bistro | Slip Resistant Work Shoes Clog, Black, 12 Women 10 Men US

These slip resistant crocs are actually really easy to clean because you do not need any special shoe products in order to clean them. You can simply use soap and water to clean your crocs.

Additionally, the fact that these crocs are slip resistant makes them the perfect shoe to wear when you are walking on any surface. You will feel comfy and confident wearing the bistro clog on any kind of surface.

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The Clock Clog

If you are looking for a shoe that will give you a lot of support, but will equally provide you with a lot of comfort. The slip resistant clock clog style croc is a pretty ideal fit and it is also really lightweight and stylish. What’s not to love?!

Similarly to the bistro clog, this style of crocs are also super easy to clean. Again, no special shoe products are needed here – crocs are notorious for being low maintenance. So here you go, this is officially your green flag to be your natural lazy self with these shoes.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's On The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black, 6 US

You will not have to be worried about constantly cleaning and taking care of your crocs. But, do not mistake this for neglect – you should still love and take care of your crocs… But you do not need to be obsessive about this in any way.

With the style of these crocs being closed-toe and also slightly platformed, you can get an added advantage because you can meet a somewhat professional dress code standard and at the same time you can be pretty comfortable.

The crocs are for both men and women – woohoo! And, this style of crocs have a cushioned footbed which actually gives your feet extra comfort and more support. Oh, and these crocs are slip resistant. Not too shabby, right?

The Neria Pro Li Clog For Women

Here we have our first ‘women only’ style of crocs. The neria pro style is actually pretty similar to the bistro clog but it has a slight difference in that it has an elevated platform. These crocs were actually designed with their target market being women because, even with the platform, these crocs are still really lightweight and really comfortable.

This style of crocs is another great example of easy cleaning, again this is just an easy wipe clean kinda vibe.

Crocs womens Women's Neria Pro Ii | Slip-resistant Work and Nursing Shoe Clog, Black/Black, 11 US

Additionally, the sole on this style of crocs is very durable and it can withstand the wear of day to day life. This style of crocs is made with croslite foam and this makes this particular style of crocs really soft and gives your feet a cushioned feel.

Just to make these crocs a bit more stylish, they come in lots of different colors and patterns so there will definitely be a particular pair that suits your style.

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The Specialist Clog

This is a style of crocs for men and women and they were designed for people to wear in work. This is because this style of crocs is particularly sturdy and they can withstand whatever type of pressure or strain that you put on it. These crocs are pretty strong, so you don’t need to worry about any tearing.

The sole of these particular crocs gives the wearer really good traction in terms of the different types of surfaces that you encounter.

crocs Unisex Specialist Clog, Black, 10 US Men / 12 US Women

These crocs are also made with the well-loved and well-recognised croslite foam, which in turn makes this style of crocs super lightweight, really soft and this contributes to making them an all-round comfortable shoe.

The cushioned footbed within this style of crocs makes sure that your feet are supported while you are walking around, and also your feet will stay nice and comfortable while you are working.

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The Women’s Flats

We’ve gone back to the ‘women’s only’ set of shoes here, and this style is particularly perfect for working… well… anywhere! Be it that you work in a supermarket, or be it that you work in an office, this style of crocs is especially sleek and smart because they have a closed toe and so, they meet most workplaces’ requirements.

This style in particular is super portable – why is this important? Well, you can easily fit these into your bags or you can leave them in your car with them taking up barely any space – let’s face it, heels can’t always be comfortable, so these make a pretty great alternative and they are a great style of shoe to switch into from heels. These heels are still smart and they are also comfortable.

Women's Crocs At Work Flat | Casual Dress Shoe with All Day Comfort for Work or Play, Black, 8 M US

These are perfect crocs for the working woman who is on her feet all day. You can be productive and you can be comfortable at the same time.

On the whole, all of the crocs that we have spoken about today are non-slip or they are most definitely slip resistant. These crocs are great as a style of workwear as well as leisure wear. Most of these have actually been designed for people to wear at work.

So, if you are looking to upgrade your work wardrobe then you could consider giving crocs a try…

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