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FootGearz is a resource for those looking to find the perfect shoe that caters to their lifestyle and offers expert advice on how to keep your feet happy all day long. The blog features guides on what shoes work best for you, based on your lifestyle, as well as expert advice about finding the perfect fit and how to care for them.

At FootGearz’ we have put together comprehensive articles that are easy-to-read and practical—offering no-nonsense advice about all things related to footwear from heel height and width requirements to shoe types for specific activities like biking or yoga or other activities.

It’s the perfect information for people who want to learn more about sizing, comfort, widths, heel-sizes. It’s a great resource for experienced shoe shoppers looking for information on new brands or styles,”.

About FootGearz Editor

Darren Cater is the Editor of FootGearz.com, a fan of sneakers (especially Vans) who has many years experience of sourcing and reviewing the latest in footwear technology.

FootGearz Editor

“My aim for FootGearz is to provide informative guides on what shoes work best for you, based on your lifestyle and share expert advice on how to find the perfect fit and guidance for keeping your feet happy all day long.”